About us

Matriçats S.L. is a company that since 1970 has been dedicated to the subcontracting for the manufacture of all kinds of parts from metal sheet, especially stainless steel. Our facilities have 10.000m², a third of which in built buildings, which include the different production areas, offices and warehouse.

The services focus on the design or reengineering of processes and the construction of the necessary tools, dies or automatisms, adapted to our means of production, to execute prototyping or production series. Our technical and productive means include advanced CAD / CAE / CAM / CAQ systems, machining stations, 3D laser cutting and welding stations, conventional welding stations, finishing section, manual and automated polishing centers, technology for reverse engineering applications … and a wide range of hydraulic and mechanical presses with tonnage up to 2.000t.

Our main objective –based on the permanent application of continuous improvement and social responsibility policies– is to always be in a position to offer a product and service that can satisfy the needs of our customers and their social environment.

The efficiency of Matriçats it is based on a highly qualified human team, where the tasks of each process are duly regulated through a comprehensive management system, which guarantees the efficient use of our knowledge and technical and productive means.

Company policy


Matriçats SL Its objective is that the quality of the products and services it offers are a faithful reflection of the expectations and demands of each client, ensuring the short and long-term success of the company. For this, all possible means are used within the reach of Matriçats SL ensuring safety and health at work, respect for the environment and excellence and process efficiency.
With this objective, it establishes, declares and assumes the following principles:
1. the final quality of the product and service offered to the client is the result of planned and systematic actions of prevention, detection, correction and continuous improvement in all the processes of our system.
2. The requirements and demands of our clients are communicated in an objective and effective way by the managers involved, through the specifications and particular characteristics of each product and service.
3. The processes contemplate human action and have an impact on the environment. That's why, Matriçats SL considers it a priority to achieve a high level of safety and health at work and minimize environmental impact, with the commitment to comply with current Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety legislation and regulations and assuming the social responsability that corresponds to him.
4. Matriçats SL is constantly open to market news, developments and opportunities in order to acquire and adapt the best future strategies.
5. The application of this policy requires the active integration of the entire human team of the company. For this reason, the Management evaluates the competences and considers motivation, communication, participation, training and versatility at all levels of the organization to be priorities.
6. Matriçats SL considers as a priority the modernization of its equipment and the adaptation to the new technologies. and methods to improve efficiency and obtain a higher quality result in the development of the different processes.
7. All processes of Matriçats SL have to achieve the efficiency of their functions through continuous improvement. To this end, the Management, together with the Company Council, establishes and reviews its objectives on a regular basis.

The management