In a world in constant evolution we must bet on the culture of effort, dedication and efficiency in order to meet the objectives. In Matriçats, from the beginning, we have always been concerned with having suppliers and the human team involved, to help us and get the good service that our customers deserve.

Training and planning shape our foundation for living and working. We take advantage of the best multidisciplinary knowledge that we obtain from our own team and from each generation, as a good experience: we anticipate incorporating the best methods and innovations that the future holds, to implement them in our ways of acting, reinforcing and consolidating our present that we make available to our customers and society.

The pursuit of perfection is a probably impossible mission, but as we try, we help each other and contribute to continuous improvement together. We seek the excellence of our knowledge to provide the best social responsibility, and offer a better and more sustainable world to future generations.

Our contribution is to want to be leaders in transformation and technology of stainless steel and of the materials that are and will be necessary for the future, where steel and other special metals also fit.

We invite you to watch this video where you will find more details:

The Management.
Presentation of matricats metal drawing company deep stamping