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Virtual tour - Know our resources

Virtual tour - Know our resources
Láser 3D robotizado 2500W Láser 3D robotizado 3000W Centro de corte y doblado axial Prensa hidráulica AJIAL Prensas mecànicas RIBA Premsa mecánica Komatsu Premsa mecànica RICHTER premsa hidràulica ONA PRESS Model SU-255 Model TRANS 73G Model 6102 Model 8208 N Model BMK-12 W Model GVM 4-SP Premsa mecánica SHULER Premsa hidràulica BLANCH Sector multicontrol Sistema MMC portable Lectura de dureses Rockwell Centre de Mecanitzat ARROW-750 Centre de mecanitzat LANCER VMC 1500 Desengraixadora de petites sèries Model VBTH 1100/1 Model VBTD 601/1 Polidora CNC 2 capçals Premsa hidràulica ONA PRESS Premsa hidràulica ONA PRESS Premsa hidràulica AJIAL INSTAL·LACIONS 9600 m2

3W robotic 2500D laser

5 + 1 axes
1 unit

With the 3D laser you can perform cutting and welding functions without contribution, which allows welding without burrs.

Laser cuts are clean on metal alloys like stainless steel.


3W robotic 3000D laser

5 + 1 axes
2 units

Of this most powerful model we have 2 operating units to perform series of pieces that require 3D laser cutting or welding


Axial bending and cutting center

Ømax 1200 mm
Race 400 mm

This center allows us to bend sheet metal to produce series of metal pieces.

AJIAL hydraulic press

250 t truck
Cushion 120 t

This hydraulic press allows metal parts to be made using the drawing method

RIBA mechanical presses

25 t 160 t truck
5 u

Komatsu mechanical press

Komatsu metal sheet metal drawing press

250 t truck
Coixi 50 t

RICHTER mechanical press

630 t truck

ONA PRESS hydraulic press

600 t truck
Coixí 300 t

Model SU-255

Current max 250 A
Power 12,50 KVA

Model TRANS 73G

Desgreixament per spray + dry
Ampla Tape 715 mm


Power 100 KVA
Força max 740 daN

Model 8208 N

Power 100KVA
Força max 1240 daN

Model BMK-12 W

Current max 800 A
Temps download 1-1000 msec

Model GVM 4-SP

Curses L 800 mm T 345 mm V 400 mm
Capçal 570 mm

SHULER mechanical press

250 t truck
Coixí 30 t

BLANCH hydraulic press

100 t truck
Coixí 50 t

Multi-control sector

Abast 2,4 mm
Laser probe 19.000 points / s
ampoule raig 64 mm
Accurate 50µ

Portable MMC system

Abast 2,4 m
Accurate ± 0,02mm

Reading Rockwell dureses

BDCA scales

Center de Mecanitzat ARROW-750

Arrow machining center manufacturing molds and dies

Eixos XYZ 760 x 510 x 560 mm
Capçal power 5,5 kW

LANCER VMC 1500 Mechanism Center

Eixos XYZ 1500 x 760 x 770 mm
Capècal power 12,5 kW

Petites sèries degreaser

Model RH 1100 2
Rentat per aspersió in two stages
Ømax x Hmax 1100 x 650mm

Model VBTH 1100/1

Vibrator of pedres per polit i abrillantat
Extended max 550 mm

Model VBTD 601/1

Secat amb Maizork
Ampla channel 460 mm

2 capçals CNC Polidora

Taula 2 eixos subjective-fish
XYZ 1000 x 1250 x 1000 mm Recorder

ONA PRESS hydraulic press

2000 t truck
Coixí 600 t

ONA PRESS hydraulic press

1200 t truck
Coixí 600 t

AJIAL hydraulic press

430 t truck
Coixí 225 t