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Subcontracting '15









SUBCONTRACTING 2015 - From May 26 to 29 www.subcontratació

The International Fair from Processos i Equips per a la Fabricació, It gathers companies dedicated to manufacturing processes with the foundation, the mechanization of fish with chip removal and models, models, dies and dies, among altres, and they are dedicated to machinery and equipment for casting, forging, surface treatment, welding i iron and steel, mainly. More than two nous sectors: Additive manufacturing and composites. To her, companies and technology centers, will show the seventh offer, experiences and products that are more competitive and of better performance.

MATRIÇATS (Pavelló 5 Stand A6) presents the seva especialitat i capacitats in the field of metal transformation: Enginyeria, Industrialització de Procés i Producte. Embutició, Estampació i Transformats in Acer Stainless. Tall and 3D laser welding.