MATRIÇATS, a leading company in 3D laser drawing, cutting and welding, after more than 50 years in the market, continues to bet on the incorporation of new technologies, with the introduction of its 4th 3d laser machine. On this occasion, a Prima Power Rapido EVO 2 Fiber is introduced, equipped with 3d cutting and welding heads, and suitable for metal sheets of drawn and stamped parts, of carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

With the entry of this machine, the aim is to increase the quality of 3d laser cutting and welding work in different materials, improving the precision of the requirements demanded by the industry today. The units equipped with fiber laser allow cutting and welding with a much more efficient beam, ensuring a more efficient quality compared to work carried out to date with CO2 machines. Additionally, energy consumption and maintenance are highly improved, so the benefits with respect to the environment and greater respect for climate change are evident, joining efforts in the business excellence policy.

The future is in the hands of the optimization and management of knowledge based on adequate social responsibility. The incorporation of this type of technology based on a 3d fiber laser cutting and welding machine, for different types of materials and sheets, provides quality and safety to try to have a future full of challenges.

Fiber laser cutting features:

Fiber laser cutting machines are the newest development in the laser cutting. The laser beam is generated in an active fiber and is guided to the cutting head of the machine by means of a transport fiber, through diodes and fiber cables. The fiber laser cutting machines may be smaller than CO2 laser cutting machines and they get twice the power with the same current supply.

Advantages of fiber laser cutting machine:

  • StabilityFiber laser machinery offers generators that provide extremely high stability for up to 100.000 hours. In fiber laser, the light beam is generated inside a fiber optic cable, making it very stable and easy to use.
  • Precision: The laser beam of the fiber laser cutting machine offers an extremely low tolerance, which is not only more productive but also much more precise. The light beam is generated and confined within the small core of the fiber, resulting in a very straight beam, which can be focused on a tiny spot. The smaller this point, the more effective the laser will be, making it very useful for uses where high quality is required.
  • Power: Fiber laser machines have increasingly powerful lasers, enough to cut one-inch thick steel.
  • Environmentally more sustainable: With proper settings, the photoelectric conversion rate of fiber laser cutting machine is 3 times higher than traditional laser cutting machine. Other lasers can only convert a small percentage of your power supply's power into photons, but a fiber laser converts around 70-80% of the energy it consumes. This means that, in addition to being productive and precise, it is more respectful of the environment by losing less energy, which ends up being converted into heat that warms the atmosphere.
  • Lower maintenance cost: The fiber laser cutting machine does not require very high maintenance, thus reducing costs and improving production efficiency.
  • Ease of use: The fiber laser cutting machine only needs the design of the cutting patterns on the computer, it does not need manual intervention on the machine in the cutting process. In addition, its greater stability in the cut makes it very easy to steer from the control system.