Engineering, Industrialization of Process and Product. Drawing, Stamping and Transformed into Stainless and other metal alloys. 3D laser cutting and welding. Innovation and experience in metal transformation.

Matriçats is a company that since 1970 leads the market for the cold transformation of stainless steel.
We offer our services and solutions organized in three lines:

1. Product and Process DESIGN.

SPECIALTY: Construction of automatisms and dies up to 10.000kg, Deep Drawing up to 600mm, Thicknesses up to 20mm, Large diameters, Measurements and controls, Laser digitization system and measurement by CNC coordinate machine.

MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENT: Hydraulic presses with capacities up to 2.000t, Mechanical presses with capacities up to 650t, three three-dimensional centers for laser cutting and welding (3D), machining centers, CNC, CAD / CAE / CAM / CNC systems, CNC measurement, automation, welding centers, ...

ISO 9001 and others