INDUSTRY LYON 2015 - From 7th to 10th April



INDUSTRIE LYON 2015 - From 7th to 10th April

The meeting point of all the industry professionals, devoted to the equipments, products, consumable and services that are necessary to any industrial production factory.The Subcontracting pavilion gathers SMEs with strong technical know-how and references in machining, bar turning, forming, cutting , plastic injection, thermoforming, material processing or electronic components.

Matriçats (HALL6 T10) you introduce its specialty and capabilities on the field of metal processing: Engineering, Process and Product Industrialization. Drawing, Stamping and Processing in Stainless Steel. 3D Laser Cutting and Welding.



Advanced materials provide properties superior to conventional materials such as toughness, hardness, durability, elasticity, among others,… They may also have new properties, including the ability to memorize shape or direction changes, depending on their environment and respond. The development of advanced materials, can even lead to the design of new products such as medical implants, wind turbine blades, photovoltaic devices, ...