Engineering, Process and Product Industrialisation. Drawing, Stamping and Processing in Stainless Steel. 3D Laser Cutting and Welding.

Deep Drawing and Metal Stamping

Company dedicated to the production of medium and large-format pieces in sheet metal stamping for multiple sectors.

Product and Process Engineering

Objective: to facilitate the serial production of parts made by deep drawing with presses up to 2.000 tons, custom dies and 3d laser cutting / welding, to obtain optimized manufacturing processes.

Project Industrialization

We have a tooling and automation workshop with the necessary resources to industrialize the manufacturing process. Construction of dies, tools and molds included in the design of the process.

Serial Production

Small, medium or large series of deep drawing and metal stamping parts. 3D laser cutting and welding.

1 Design

We create or adapt the design of the product under study, always looking for the optimal compromise between the requirements and the minimization of manufacturing costs. From the design agreed with the client, we develop the manufacturing process

2 Industrialization

We have a workshop with the necessary resources to industrialize the manufacturing process, where the tools and dies included in the process design are built and adapted. This area also enables the subsequent maintenance of the tools, dies, automatisms and special machines.

3 Production

We have exclusive productive means within the sector of deep drawing of stainless steel and other metals. Prepared for short, medium or long series. Hydraulic and mechanical presses (tonnage up to 2.000t, table dimensions up to 2.600mm). Special capacity for deep drawing up to 600mm and thickness up to 20mm. Auxiliary technologies such as 3D laser cutting and welding stations, conventional welding stations and automated polishing and finishing stations.


Technical articles 

What do we offer in resources and technologies?

Resources for deep drawing parts manufacturing


Hydraulic and mechanical presses

Specials for deep drawing + stamping + cutting

3D laser cutting and welding stations

We have three 3D laser cutting and welding stations

Automatisms and welding equipment

Our customers can have a park of presses

CNC and conventional lathes and milling cutters

With the help of our tool shop we offer the possibility

Automatisms and special machines

For specific die applications 

3D laser digitization equipment

Reverse engineering and dimensional control


What kind of sheet metal forming we make?

Our specialty are the series of deep drawing parts with cut 3d laser last generation. Although we can carry out other projects with presses and custom machined dies. We also carry out stamping projects.

What is the technique to obtain the product from the metal sheet?

We are a company that performs the sheet metal deep drawing. This is achieved by pressing the punch on the sheet. This pressure can vary depending on the thickness of the materials.

IInfografia of the elements that take part in the drawing: Punch, Presser, sheet, brake

In this infographic we can see the elements of the process of sheet metal forming with a press. The process is called cold drawing even though the final product may be a little hot from deformation:

Brake: Prevents the sheet from being displaced and wrinkles while stretching.

Metal sheet: It is the raw material, it can be made of steel, stainless steel, aluminum or special alloys.

Awl: It is the plunger that lowers with the necessary force to form the part.

Trampler: It is used to fix the sheet and prevent it from moving.

Die: It is the mold that participates in the shaping of the sheet to obtain the desired shape. It has the necessary gap.


What materials can the pieces be of?

We work with stainless steel because it is a material which gives us good results.

But if you require a lighter part we can manufacture aluminum parts.

Other materials valid for deep drawing are carbon steel and special metal alloys.

What is the minimum number of pieces to manufacture?

We work with small, medium and large series.

The minimum series will depend a little on the size of the piece, the bigger the piece is, the smaller the series can be.


What are the steps to follow if I have a project?

  1. Send the project, in this phase we maintain the maximum confidentiality standards:
    • Solidworks documents, Autocad or other CAD / CAM software.
    • A prototype or example part that allows for reverse engineering.Drawing and sheet metal drawing plane
  2. Once received, we can study the viability and make a commercial collaboration proposal.
  3. We carry out the mechanization of the die (the molds)
  4. The first tests are carried out and it is verified that they are within the objective quality parameters.
  5. Manufacture of the series of pieces.

We work together?

Start your project

Send your CAD design of the piece you want to make and you will have a study without commitment.



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